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Theodemy was conceived in 2013 underneath a pitch black Malawian sky.

Two men sat on the hard cement floor of a humble, furniture-less, rural hut. The brave orange flame of the remaining stub of candle, like a miniature sword, struck repeatedly at the darkness that threatened to engulf the pages of the old, worn Bible. I spent two nights in that hut giving Vincent a crash course on revelation history: Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. Next, we rushed on to church administration and leadership. Time was up and I had to return home to South Africa.

Theodemy is the continuation and extension of those two nights. Theodemy exists to help the thousands of Vincents in Africa, and the rest of the world, who could never afford to go to a seminary. Instead, the purpose of Theodemy is to have seminary quality training come to them!

Theodemy is the extension of that brave flame, fighting off the dark assault on the truth, by illuminating the treasures of the Bible. We aim to equip light-bearers who will shine in dark places.

Built for you

Your ministerial education is important to you. You want your ministry to be characterised by fruitfulness, faithfulness  and relevance. We are familiar with the many challenges of ministry today.

Your growth and effectiveness in ministry depend on quality training. That explains why Team Theodemy requires that our instructors are both experienced and qualified. Highly experienced pastors and academically qualified teachers are what you deserve and exactly what you get from Team Theodemy. The bottom line for our contributors is this:

Our instructors care about your success as a minister. 

They are passionate about the subjects they teach. They know what ministry demands. They know what you feel as minister, and as a student. Sometimes life happens, despite how balanced we try to live it. That is why we teach; that is why we are building Theodemy.

This is why we work tirelessly to improve the platform–so that your effectiveness in ministry is maximized, remember …

We built it for you.


Show yourself approved. Study! And never stop!

In 2 Timothy 2:15 the verb a present imperative active: “Always be studying!” or “Keep on studying!”

Vincent never saw the inside of a Bible school. He probably never will. Even if he could, how would he provide for his growing family? He cannot leave them behind in order to go and study outside of his village. The training he is so hungry for can now come to him! This is elegantly possible with Theodemy.

It is now possible to maintain your ministerial ministerial edge; to stay sharp. You can keep studying. Now, you can learn with the best instructors as your teachers wherever you are. Your time, your call at a price any diligent student can afford.

Technology offers exciting opportunities to bring LIFELONG ministry skills training right to your phone. But what about those without access to the internet or who do not own a smart phone? While it is impossible to go to every village in every part of the world, proceeds from the course fees enable us to offer on site training at least once a year.

In December 2015, Dr. Aldred Genade taught exegesis to adult students in Kenya. More opportunities abound. Requests for training are coming in from Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, Burundi and Zambia. Our list is filling up fast.


I strongly support this venture of faith. I have been waiting and hoping for such over the past decade. It is a natural and responsible and wise...Read more

John North

Professor (Canada)

Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last

Lorsque Dr Aldred m'a parle de Theodemy, j'ai dit Wow, c'est une vision Divine pour equiper les...Read more

Dr Mathieu Bukasa Mufika

Democratic Republic of Congo, Institut Superieur de Theology Evangelique de Kolwezi, ISTEKOL

Our Instructors (aka "The Theodemics")

These men and women have been where you are. They understand what it takes to study. They know what ministry demands. Therefore, they've designed their courses around your needs. These courses are devoid of unnecessary filler content.
Content dense lessons will ensure that you do not end up spending endless hours of your precious time memorizing information you will never use in real ministry. They will stretch you intellectually; enrich and equip not only spiritually but also practically.

Manie Taute

Hermanus Taute [ EXEGESIS ]



    Stella Potgieter [ Counselling ]


      Tonnis Groenveld

      Tonnis Groenveld



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