Ezekiel Day 3: Exploring the Book of Ezekiel

Now that we have established both the historical and the theological backgrounds behind the book of Ezekiel in Days 1 and 2 podcasts, it’s time to start delving into the book of Ezekiel itself. In this episode, Day 3 of our “Ezekiel in 5 Days” podcast series, we begin to explore what the book is all about in terms of the message, mission and ministry of the prophet.

If you haven’t listened to Days 1 and 2 in this series, we encourage you before you start Day 3 to go back and start at the beginning. Otherwise, this particular episode may not make a lot of sense if the background context of the book isn’t understood entirely.

Ezekiel, an out-of-work priest trained for a lifetime of service in the Temple, found himself forcibly relocated away from his home. As the book begins, he is in exile in the land of Babylon, together with thousands of fellow-Israelites, deported hundreds of miles from their home land of Judah. But he wasn’t there on a sightseeing holiday tour of the famous hanging gardens of Babylon.

Charged by Yahweh, the God of Israel, with a seemingly insurmountable–if not impossible–task of trying to get through to his fellow-exiles, Ezekiel had to be tough in order to carry out his mission as a priest-prophet-watchman. Did he in fact succeed in his difficult task?

Listen in to this Day 3 podcast to find out how exactly Ezekiel went about his problematic mission. You can also subscribe to this podcast series on iTunes by searching “Ezekiel in 5 Days,” which then will bring you the latest episode as they are made available on the feed.

Day 3: Exploring the Book of Ezekiel

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