Ezekiel Day 4: The Story of the Worthless Vine-Stock

Our series on the book of Ezekiel now take a creative turn. This podcast is a narrative, multiple-point-of-view interpretation of Ezekiel 15. In this show, we’ll hear from 3 different voices: Ezekiel the prophet, a spokesman from the exilic community, and finally from Yahweh.

This show brings you the fantastic voice talents of Mr David Mitchell (Ezekiel the prophet), the town crier of Chester in the United Kingdom; and Mr Nick Sherratt (the exilic spokesman), also of Chester. We hope you not only enjoy this episode, but that you’ll learn a bit more about the book of Ezekiel–and specifically what chapter 15 has to do with developing some of the major theological themes that run not only throughout the book, but also the Old Testament itself.

You can download the podcast directly here, or subscribe to the feed on iTunes by searching “Ezekiel in 5 Days” from the iTunes podcast menu.

Day 4: Ezekiel 15 and the Story of the Worthless Vine-Stock

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