Ezekiel in 5 Days Podcast: Day 1, The Story of the Babylonian Exile (Part 1)

Helping you to understand the book of Ezekiel better.

Welcome to our free podcast series, “Ezekiel in 5 Days.”

The Old Testament book of Ezekiel is probably one of the most difficult books to study. Many have started reading the book with the best of intentions of finishing it, but ultimately have given up in total frustration. The book records the prophet Ezekiel’s strange and other-worldly visions of God seated on a throne above a crystal platform, supported by “wheels within wheels” high in the skies. Ezekiel experienced this and many other bizarre visions in the land of Babylon, where he and many thousands of his fellow-Israelites were living in exile.

Ezekiel is moreover filled with many highly unusual, strange and difficult-to-understand oracles from Yahweh, the God of Israel, that Ezekiel the priest-prophet-watchman was tasked with delivering to his fellow-exiles. God also required Ezekiel to enact many types of sign-acts and seemingly bizarre rituals in front of his exilic audience, meant to convey some type of message from Yahweh, the God of Israel. These also add to the strange and weird nature of the book for readers.

Issues such as these–along with many other interpretative problems filling the book–make for a difficult, if not seemingly impossible, read. This is why so many have given up trying to finish the book, and unfortunately it does not get the attention that it truly deserves.

If this describes your experiences with the book of Ezekiel, then never fear! This podcast series, “Ezekiel in 5 Days,” is tailor-made just for you. Each episode will be released once a week, and each one averages just about 60 minutes or so. Thus in just 5 days, you can increase greatly your understanding of the book of Ezekiel!

As one who spent several years studying Ezekiel for doctoral studies, Dr Clint Heacock brings a unique specialty to the task of not only the interpretation and study of the book itself, but also helps to fill in much of the background historical and theological contexts behind the book also.

Each podcast in this five-day series will therefore give you a much-greater understanding of, and ultimately appreciation for, this hard-to-decipher prophetic book. We hope you enjoy these five podcasts as together we explore the book of Ezekiel.

The first podcast is entitled “Ezekiel Day 1: The Story of the Babylonian Exile, Part 1.” We sincerely hope you enjoy these episodes, and come to a much-greater understanding and appreciation of this difficult-to-decipher, but ultimately rewarding, prophetic book.

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Ezekiel Day 1: The Story of the Babylonian Exile, Part 1

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