Helping Hurting People

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The Bible mandates Christians to be involved in each others’ lives. Jesus modeled the role of shepherd caring for sheep. This caring role is the responsibility not of a select few but of everyone who professes to follow Jesus. There is an increasing demand in South Africa and globally  for pastoral care and assistance from within and from outside of the church.  The rate, scope and diversity of the need necessitates a different approach, one that can generate capacity to meet the need in terms of skilled human resources. Church-based Counseling Teams can answer this need. We are becoming increasingly aware that not only individuals require care, but whole communities are struggling with trauma and various challenges. Help is often not close at hand . In pursuance of the realization that pastoral care is the function and duty of all Christians, this course will equip you in lay counseling; point out the reasons for its importance; know its biblical foundations, empower ordinary people to get involved, and provide a range of models and approaches for getting started. During this preliminary course we will not delve into the models in great depth. Instead we will present introduce it for greater depth of discussion in the follow up section. You will learn how to train teams for the task of lay counseling; equip ordinary believers to serve as part of a church-based counseling team; learn how to conduct continuous supervision and mentoring.

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