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Course Description

This course in preaching (homiletics) builds upon the introductory-level course “The Building Blocks of Preaching.” Ideally that first course should be completed prior to starting this course.

Preaching That Connects is grounded upon three critical preaching values:

  1. The form of the text should influence the form of the sermon
  2. The sermon should both do and say what the text does and says
  3. The sermon should achieve what the text itself achieved rhetorically.


In order to accomplish these values, this course begins to work more in-depth on tying the two critical phases of preaching together: exegesis and proclamation, or “the Bible study and preaching elements” of the homiletical task. The aim of this course is to help you to develop an inductive Bible study approach to the three major types of biblical literature: narrative, poetry and discourse. In each case this course goes into detail regarding each of these literary types, showing how they function rhetorically and also giving suggestions for how to preach creatively these various literary types encountered within the pages of Scripture.

What are the requirements?

• You should be interested in furthering your preaching skills and getting to grips with how to preach the widely-varied biblical literature.
• This course is offered in English. If you would like to do this and English is not your first language, please contact us and indicate the language in which you would require this course.

What am I going to get from this course?

• A solid grounding in an inductive approach to the various literary types, genres and forms of biblical literature.
• Increasing skill in interpreting each biblical literary type in terms of its unique rhetorical functions.
• Helpful suggestions in order to begin to preach these various literary types such that your sermons begin to do and say what the text itself does and says, and achieves what the text achieved rhetorically.
• 19 easy-to-follow individual lessons of narrated PowerPoint slide shows together with helpful reading material, quizzes and activities throughout the course.

What is the target audience?

• This course is designed for practicing preachers and homiletics students aspiring to preach from the whole Bible in all its diverse literary types.
• Those with a desire to increase their skills in biblical studies in order to understand the Bible in terms of its varied literature, as well as the rhetorical functions of various literary types and genres.
• Those preachers who seek to preach “the whole counsel of God” from the complete Bible, rather than simply preaching regularly from sections of Scripture with which they may feel more comfortable.

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